Good morning, my dear, so bright, With you, my world feels just right.


With the morning dew  on petals so tender, Our bond grows stronger,  its roots slender.

So, with the sunrise, a promise anew, To cherish each moment, forever with you.


In the morning’s quiet whispers so divine, I feel your heartbeat, intertwining with mine.

Through each sunrise, a promise we keep, In the vastness of love, so pure and deep.

As the sun paints the sky  with hues so rare, Our hearts entwined,  a love beyond compare.

As daylight whispers secrets untold, Our love story, a saga to unfold.

Good morning, my love,  as the sun climbs the sky, Our journey together,  an eternal high.

As daylight stretches its arms wide, In your embrace, forever I’ll confide.

Good morning, my love,  as the day unfurls, In the mosaic of time,  we are the pearls.

Good morning, my love,  with the sun’s first kiss, Our journey together,  an eternal bliss.