74+ Very Sad Alone Sad Shayari in English

Are you looking for “Sad Shayari” then you have come to the right place. The following “Alone Sad Shayari in English” For You. Loneliness, heartbreak, and solitude are universal emotions that touch the depths of the human soul. In moments of profound sadness, individuals often seek solace and connection through various mediums. One such powerful and expressive form is “alone sad shayari” in English, a poetic genre that delves into the complexities of emotions, providing a cathartic release for both the creator and the audience.


Alone Sad Shayari in English


Alone Sad Shayari in English


Whenever the eyes are closed,
I swear you are the one closest to my soul..!!


Lonely nights started scaring me like this,

Today I got scared by the sound of my feet..!!


No matter how much you make someone yours,

One day they make you feel like a stranger!


There is still some time, let me try it,

She will cry and call me, just let my time come..!!


Man becomes lonely for only one reason,

When his own people start misunderstanding him..!!


There are thousands of gatherings and lakhs of fairs,

But where you are not there we are alone..!!


The time we spent by your side,

Tried a lot but it was very difficult to forget her..!!


Learn to live alone,

When a person comes to know about

That now there is no one to support.


The fun in a relationship is when you are equally afraid of losing me.

As much as I am afraid of losing you..!!


Till date I have maintained every relationship with heart and truth,

But got nothing but tears.


Those who love does not cry,

The sign of love makes them cry..!!


I have not changed, I also have some story,

I have become bad because of the kindness of my loved ones…!!


Life gives troubles,

This is why people defame death..!!


There is a lot of distance between us,

There is no one close to me like you..!!


Alone Sad Shayari in English

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My own people have done this much alone,

That now loneliness feels like mine.


who are happy without me,

Why should I bother him?


You never understood and never wanted to understand,

What did we want from you except you..!!


Something may happen to everyone in life.

True love happens once,

And it never gets completed..!!


Many times this life takes us to such a turning point,

That if things are spoken then relationships die,

And if it is kept in the heart then the person himself dies.


Whether or not I have something else in my life,

But it’s always my fault.


It would have been better if she had not been found.

Useless love turned into hatred..!!


Love is not about someone with whom one lives,

Love is the one without whom one cannot live..!!


These love, affection and hobbies are the hobbies of the rich, sir.

We poor people are just there to play with them..!!


No one is with me, no one is there to support me,

Neither we belong to anyone nor anyone belongs to us.


Even love is embarrassed to see my condition,

This person lost everything, yet is alive..!!


I have been most deceived by my goodness,

Accepted the person in front as he appeared,

But later it came to light that people here roam around with more faces than Ravana!


Now I have stopped getting angry,

I don’t hope anyone will come to convince me..!!


Everyone goes away when they come close,

We were alone, we remain alone..!!


O heart, have some courage, friend!

Both of them together forget him..!!


I don’t agree where there is selfishness involved.

Just like bangles don’t jingle again after being broken..!!


Why are you angry and will I leave your gathering?

Let me pick up the pieces of my heart..!!


Let me tell you one thing…

Never make a habit of talking to anyone,

Because when he stops talking,

So living becomes difficult.


Mother, please give me that school bag again.

I find this journey of life very difficult..!!


Love is not that which makes you mine,

Love is that which doesn’t let you belong to anyone else..!!


I had heard that love lasts for seven lives.

But she left us in this birth itself..!!


stay online all the time

people in real life

Are very lonely…


no matter how much someone is loved

why not accept

One day people prove themselves bad…


Oh death, come to the poor’s house earlier,

The expenses of the shroud are spent on medicines..!!


Alone Sad Shayari in English

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Even today we do not live alone,

Our loneliness has made us its own.


He is the most sad person in the world,

Who cares more about others than himself..!!


Life has taught me one thing,

That we cannot always remain special for someone..!!


Even love is embarrassed to see my condition,

That this person lost everything, yet is alive..!!


The feeling of relationships that the person gives you

Leave me crying,

Believe me, he can never be yours.


We only have your memories,

Happy life to the one who has you..!!


Experience says silence is better,

Many people get angry with words.


Remembering is also an act of courage.

Because forgetting is common these days..!!


He must have forgotten me,

No one remains unhappy for so long..!!


This heart is still there for him,

The person who is not mine still feels like he is mine..!!


Life also makes them cry….

who has someone to wipe away tears

No one was there.


I felt so alone today,

As if people have buried themselves and gone away.


Even after years, when I remember you, my eyes fill with tears.

My love, don’t know how you spend your days..!!


Alone Sad Shayari in English

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Can’t live in double character,

That’s why I look alone!


Never love anyone so much,

There comes a time when you can’t forget it..!!


Sometimes I feel like sulking like a child,

Then I wonder who will celebrate?


I have only one reality of life,

Neither he could be ours nor love could happen again..!!


Crying alone at night and sleeping

I don’t feel anyone after waking up in the morning.

Let it happen, life also teaches this skill.


The biggest advantage of being alone is that,

No one can hurt you..!!


Today I asked the shadow,

why do you come with me

He also laughed and said,

And who……. with you..!


When no one cares even if you cry,

Then understand that he is maintaining the relationship out of compulsion..!!


If you love true,

Otherwise its better to be alone..!!


Alone Sad Shayari in English

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I have freed every relationship,

Every person,

Who was with me only for his own benefit.


Life doesn’t stop with someone’s death, it’s true,

But its absence definitely remains in life..!!


It was my habit to laugh at everyone,

My very hobby brought me into disrepute.


There are many amazing people in this world,

By becoming yours, you connect hearts,

Ride relationships to your heart’s content,

When the mind is full, we leave it.


I had heard that love lasts for seven lives.

But she left us alone in this birth itself..!!


After enduring pain to a certain extent, a person becomes silent.

And then he neither complains to anyone nor has any expectations from anyone..!!


One day while sitting in solitude we thought this,

We asked ourselves this question, did he love me..!!


This world is a fair of our own people.

If you look carefully, everyone here is alone.


Love never ends, it only grows.

Either as a relief or as a pain..!!


Some journeys have to be traveled alone,

There are no companions in every journey of life..!


Have seen very closely,

Taking you away..!!


someone else than yourself

Can’t understand my own pain.


Those who stay awake at night know this,

The pain of losing someone..!!


As much as we consider people special,

The more people start considering us nonsense..!!


feel so bad

When someone talks to us for hours

Nowadays there is no time for a minute…


Pain also has its own style,

This is only for those who tolerate it..!!


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In the tapestry of human emotions, alone sad shayari stands as a profound and timeless expression of the human experience. From heartbreak to loneliness, these verses navigate the intricate terrain of emotions, offering solace, connection, and a powerful means of self-discovery. As readers explore the world of sad shayari, they embark on a journey of shared emotions, finding comfort in the beauty of poetic expression.


  1. Is sad shayari only for those going through heartbreak?
    • No, sad shayari is a versatile form of expression that encompasses a range of emotions, including loneliness, nostalgia, and introspection.
  2. How can I start writing my own sad shayari?
    • Begin by reflecting on your emotions and experiences. Experiment with different poetic forms and find a style that resonates with you.
  3. Are there specific platforms for sharing sad shayari online?
    • Yes, several websites and apps are dedicated to sad shayari. Explore platforms like XYZ and ABC to connect with a community of like-minded individuals.
  4. Can sad shayari truly help with mental well-being?
    • Expressing emotions through poetry, including sad shayari, has been shown to have therapeutic benefits. It provides a healthy outlet for emotional release.
  5. What is the future of sad shayari in the digital age?
    • The digital age has propelled sad shayari to new heights, and its future holds continued innovation, collaboration, and the exploration of diverse themes.



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