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Are you looking for “Sad Shayari” then you have come to the right place. The following “zindagi sad shayari” For You. In the realm of poetry, emotions flow like a river, touching the hearts of readers and leaving an indelible mark. Sad Shayari, particularly Zindagi Sad Shayari, delves deep into the melancholic aspects of life, expressing sorrow, longing, and the complexities of human existence.

zindagi sad shayari


Zindagi Sad Shayari


Life is happy when the board is happy,
Whereas when one is responsible for the board, life becomes slavery.


your life is your teacher,

because it constantly teaches you lessons.


Grief is so difficult, when some moments of life become memories,

That we should recognize their value only when they are with us.!


Donating in life is like losing something,

But losing personality is like losing everything.!


Not everything works the same in this world,

Something goes against you and something goes with you.


Life is like a flower, it is darker than the stars

Life is more of a deception than the nights,

in which sorrow is found even in relationships.


Ever since I started living in today,

No longer worried about tomorrow!


pluck stars from a blade

Come down to the ground and leave them,

I don’t like the happiness of life

My heart says leave this life.


Life is a small gift between birth and death,

So be happy in this interval and enjoy every moment.!


Often we set out on the right journey at the wrong time.


Give the gift of sorrow to my voiceless love,

Gone was life and came and took away life itself!


As soon as the thought came, my eyes filled with tears.

How close are tears to someone’s memory.!


You also know, we also know,

What do other people know about us?


Forgetting your past,

Living today is life. And

Life is to move with the pace of time.


love life and yourself only then we

Can live life in a better way!


zindagi sad shayari

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The truth of life changes at that time.

When someone is not yours in front of you.


Life is the first day of the sun every day

Gives new hope with the ray,

This gives reason to live for humans.


What lies between right and wrong in life?

And why doesn’t what is right feel right?

And why does something that is wrong seem right?

Who decides what is right and wrong?


Don’t even tell your condition to anyone.

Look how much life we are smiling at.!


If you want to give something to someone,

So first of all give them respect.


If not an ocean, there should be a river.

There must be life somewhere in your city.!


I too am in a strange situation.

What was once ours is now a dream.


zindagi sad shayari

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Now I don’t feel like talking to anyone else,

Ever since I started talking to myself.!


I wanted to mend a broken life.

Had no idea that we would end up scattering those pieces!


Everyone is ours, no one is concerned here!

Everyone here would have shown interest, but no one wants it.


If you want to make life better,

So the pain will have to be hidden and in sorrow

You have to learn to smile.!


I don’t have that much experience in life.

But I have heard that in life people do not let us live!


Don’t ask how it goes,

every moment without you

desire to talk sometime

Wish to see sometime.!


I keep thinking with the paper in my hands,

Unless I connect with my soul, I am not able to write anything.


There are such people in life also,

Those whom we cannot get, we can only desire.


There are many paths, the destination in this world will depend on the path you follow.


someone becomes our own

It becomes a dream with closed eyes,

We have become darkness for the sake of life.

Lest this darkness itself become the crime of my life!


They did me seven wrongs,

Now I am waiting for his turn.!


zindagi sad shayari

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We have heard the big name of life,

Nothing but a weak hiccup.


People who seem good to you should also understand.

Then there should be fun in life.!!


Some such trends also continued with life.

Links were found which became their chains.


Endure every pain of life,

And keep moving towards your destination.


Man can copy everything,

But your luck cannot be taken away from you.!!


I did it too

ruin life like this

as life taught me

Was ruined!


Whenever you get tired in life,

So don’t let anyone hear about it,

because people are broken

They even pick up the bricks of ruined buildings.


In life’s symphony, sorrow finds its tune,

Echoing in hearts beneath the moon.

Each tear a verse, each sigh a sigh,

In the poetry of pain, we wonder why.


The shadows dance with melancholy grace,

As hopes once bright now fade, erase.

With every dawn, a new despair,

A silent ache, too heavy to bear.


Yet amidst the gloom, a flicker of light,

A fleeting moment, a glimpse of might.

For in the depths of sadness, we find,

Strength to rise, resilience refined.


So let the tears fall, let the heart ache,

For in the sorrow, there’s a journey to take.

To embrace the pain, to heal and grow,

In life’s sad shayari, our stories flow.


In the tapestry of trials, we find our thread,

Woven with moments of joy and dread.

Through every trial, we learn to endure,

For in sadness’ embrace, we find our cure.


Each setback a lesson, each loss a gain,

In the rhythm of life, we find our refrain.

For even in sadness, there’s beauty to see,

A kaleidoscope of emotions, wild and free.


So let the verses of sadness be told,

In the language of the heart, pure and bold.

For in the depths of despair, we find our truth,

A testament to our resilience, our youth.


In life’s sad shayari, we find our voice,

A melody of pain, a reason to rejoice.

For through the tears and the sighs, we find,

That in sadness’ embrace, we’re forever entwined.


In the silence of sorrow, we find solace deep,

Where hearts may ache, yet secrets we keep.

But within each tear, a glimmer of hope,

A whisper of strength, a way to cope.


For sadness is but a passing cloud,

In the vast expanse where dreams are allowed.

And though the night may seem so long,

Dawn shall break with a sweeter song.


So let the sadness flow like a river’s tide,

For in its ebb and flow, we find our guide.

To navigate the waters, to weather the storm,

And emerge stronger, in heart and form.


In life’s tapestry, sadness has its place,

A brushstroke of darkness, a line to trace.

But within its shadows, there’s light to find,

A beacon of hope for the weary mind.


In the symphony of life, each note must play,

Sadness and joy in a delicate array.

For in the contrast, beauty does reside,

In the valleys of sorrow, we learn to abide.


With every tear shed, a seed is sown,

In the garden of the soul, new strength is grown.

For amidst the darkness, stars still shine bright,

Guiding us through the longest of night.


So let the sadness weave its intricate tale,

In the fabric of existence, it shall prevail.

But know that with each sorrow, we also find,

Resilience and courage of the noblest kind.


In life’s vast canvas, sadness adds hue,

A shade of depth to the skies so blue.

Yet even in its depths, there’s grace to behold,

A testament to the human spirit, bold.


In the echoes of sadness, there’s a lesson to learn,

A chance to grow, a bridge to discern.

For through the tears, we gain clarity,

And find strength in our vulnerability.


In the tapestry of life, sadness weaves its thread,

A part of the journey, where souls are led.

But with each trial, resilience is born,

And from the darkest nights, new hope is drawn.


So let the sadness flow, let it run its course,

For in its embrace, we discover our force.

And though it may linger, it will not stay,

For brighter days await, just a breath away.


In the language of the heart, let sadness speak,

For in its whispers, there’s wisdom to seek.

And in the depths of despair, we find,

The courage to rise, and leave the past behind.


In the chapters of life, sadness has its page,

A somber melody in the grand stage.

But with each verse, there’s a hint of grace,

A chance to transform, to find our place.


So let the tears flow, let the heartache be,

For in the depths of sorrow, we’re truly free.

To feel, to heal, to embrace the pain,

And emerge stronger, despite the strain.


For in the symphony of life, every chord,

Plays a part in the story, be it bleak or adored.

And through the trials, we learn to rise,

With resilience burning in our eyes.


zindagi sad shayari

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So let sadness be a companion on the way,

A teacher, a guide, through night and day.

For in its depths, we find our light,

And emerge from the shadows, bold and bright.


जीवन की स्वर लहरियों में दुःख अपनी धुन ढूंढ लेता है,

चाँद के नीचे दिलों में गूँज रही है।

प्रत्येक आंसू एक छंद, प्रत्येक आह एक आह,

दर्द की कविता में, हमें आश्चर्य होता है कि क्यों।


परछाइयाँ उदासी भरी कृपा से नृत्य करती हैं,

चूँकि आशाएँ कभी उज्ज्वल थीं, अब धूमिल हो गई हैं, मिट गई हैं।

हर सुबह के साथ, एक नई निराशा,

एक खामोश दर्द, जिसे सहन करना बहुत भारी है।


फिर भी अँधेरे के बीच, रोशनी की एक टिमटिमाहट,

एक क्षणभंगुर क्षण, पराक्रम की एक झलक।

उदासी की गहराई में, हम पाते हैं,

उठने की ताकत, लचीलापन परिष्कृत।


तो आंसुओं को गिरने दो, दिल को दुखने दो,

क्योंकि दुःख में भी एक यात्रा करनी पड़ती है।

दर्द को गले लगाना, ठीक करना और बढ़ना,

ज़िन्दगी की उदास शायरी में, हमारी कहानियाँ बहती हैं।


परीक्षणों की टेपेस्ट्री में, हम अपना धागा ढूंढते हैं,

खुशी और भय के क्षणों से बुना हुआ।

हर परीक्षा से हम सहना सीखते हैं,

दुख के आलिंगन में, हम अपना इलाज ढूंढते हैं।


प्रत्येक झटका एक सबक, प्रत्येक हानि एक लाभ,

जीवन की लय में, हम अपना बचाव ढूंढते हैं।

उदासी में भी देखने लायक सुंदरता है,

भावनाओं का बहुरूपदर्शक, जंगली और मुक्त।


तो दुख के छंद बताए जाएं,

हृदय की भाषा में, शुद्ध और निर्भीक।

निराशा की गहराई में, हम अपना सत्य पाते हैं,

हमारे लचीलेपन, हमारे युवाओं का एक प्रमाण।


जिंदगी की दुख भरी शायरी में हम अपनी आवाज ढूंढते हैं,

दर्द की धुन, ख़ुशी का कारण।

आँसुओं और आहों के माध्यम से, हम पाते हैं,

दुख के आलिंगन में, हम हमेशा के लिए उलझे हुए हैं।


दुःख की खामोशी में, हमें गहरी सांत्वना मिलती है,

जहां दिलों को दर्द हो सकता है, फिर भी हम राज़ छिपाए रखते हैं।

लेकिन हर आंसू के भीतर, आशा की एक किरण,

ताकत की फुसफुसाहट, सामना करने का एक तरीका।


क्योंकि उदासी एक उड़ता हुआ बादल है,

उस विशाल विस्तार में जहाँ सपनों को अनुमति है।

और यद्यपि रात बहुत लंबी लग सकती है,

भोर एक मधुर गीत के साथ होगी।


तो उदासी को नदी के ज्वार की तरह बहने दो,

क्योंकि इसके उतार-चढ़ाव में हमें अपना मार्गदर्शक मिल जाता है।

पानी में नेविगेट करने के लिए, तूफ़ान का सामना करने के लिए,

और दिल और आकार में मजबूत बनकर उभरें।


जिंदगी की कशमकश में उदासी की भी अपनी जगह है,

अँधेरे का एक ब्रशस्ट्रोक, पता लगाने के लिए एक रेखा।

लेकिन इसकी छाया के भीतर, खोजने के लिए रोशनी है,

थके मन के लिए आशा की किरण.


जीवन की सिम्फनी में, प्रत्येक स्वर को बजना चाहिए,

एक नाजुक सरणी में उदासी और खुशी.

इसके विपरीत, सुंदरता निवास करती है,

दुःख की घाटियों में, हम टिकना सीखते हैं।


हर आंसू के साथ एक बीज बोया जाता है,

आत्मा के बगीचे में, नई ताकत उगती है।

अँधेरे के बीच भी तारे अभी भी चमकते हैं,

रात की सबसे लंबी अवधि में हमारा मार्गदर्शन करना।


तो उदासी को अपनी जटिल कहानी बुनने दो,

अस्तित्व के ताने-बाने में, यह प्रबल रहेगा।

लेकिन जान लें कि हर दुःख के साथ हम यह भी पाते हैं,

सर्वोत्तम प्रकार का लचीलापन और साहस।


जीवन के विशाल कैनवास में उदासी रंग भर देती है,

आसमान में गहराई की छाया इतनी नीली।

फिर भी इसकी गहराई में भी देखने लायक अनुग्रह है,

मानवीय भावना का एक प्रमाण, साहसिक।


दुःख की गूँज में, सीखने के लिए एक सबक है,

बढ़ने का मौका, परखने का पुल।

आँसुओं के माध्यम से, हम स्पष्टता प्राप्त करते हैं,

और हमारी भेद्यता में ताकत ढूंढें।


जिंदगी की कशीदाकारी में उदासी अपना ताना-बाना बुनती है,

यात्रा का एक हिस्सा, जहां आत्माओं का नेतृत्व किया जाता है।

लेकिन प्रत्येक परीक्षण के साथ, लचीलापन पैदा होता है,

और सबसे अंधेरी रातों से, नई आशा खींची जाती है।


तो उदासी को बहने दो, उसे अपना रास्ता चलने दो,

क्योंकि इसके आलिंगन में हमें अपनी शक्ति का पता चलता है।

और यद्यपि यह विलम्बित हो सकता है, यह रुकेगा नहीं,

उज्ज्वल दिनों की प्रतीक्षा में, बस एक सांस की दूरी है।


दिल की भाषा में उदासी को बोलने दो,

क्योंकि इसकी फुसफुसाहटों में खोजने योग्य ज्ञान है।

और निराशा की गहराइयों में, हम पाते हैं,

उठने और अतीत को पीछे छोड़ने का साहस।


जिंदगी के अध्यायों में उदासी का पन्ना है,

भव्य मंच पर एक उदास धुन.

लेकिन प्रत्येक श्लोक के साथ, अनुग्रह का संकेत है,

बदलने का, अपना स्थान खोजने का मौका।


तो आंसुओं को बहने दो, दिल का दर्द रहने दो,

दुःख की गहराई में, हम वास्तव में स्वतंत्र हैं।

दर्द को महसूस करना, ठीक करना, गले लगाना,

और तनाव के बावजूद मजबूत बनकर उभरें।


जीवन की सिम्फनी में, हर राग,

कहानी में एक भूमिका निभाता है, चाहे वह धूमिल हो या प्रिय।

और परीक्षणों के माध्यम से, हम उठना सीखते हैं,

हमारी आँखों में लचीलेपन की जलन के साथ।


तो उदासी को रास्ते में साथी बनने दो,

एक शिक्षक, एक मार्गदर्शक, रात और दिन के माध्यम से।

क्योंकि इसकी गहराई में हम अपना प्रकाश पाते हैं,

और छाया से उभरें, निर्भीक और उज्ज्वल।


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In the tapestry of human emotions, Zindagi Sad Shayari weaves threads of sorrow and resilience, offering solace to weary souls navigating life’s labyrinth. Through its poignant verses and profound insights, it reminds us that amidst the darkness, there is always a glimmer of hope.


  1. Is Zindagi Sad Shayari only about expressing sadness?
    • While sadness is a prevalent theme, Zindagi Sad Shayari encompasses a wide range of emotions, including longing, introspection, and resilience.
  2. Can anyone write Zindagi Sad Shayari?
    • Yes, anyone with a deep understanding of human emotions and a penchant for poetic expression can write Zindagi Sad Shayari.
  3. Are there any famous contemporary poets known for Zindagi Sad Shayari?
    • Yes, poets like Gulzar, Rahat Indori, and Javed Akhtar are renowned for their poignant Zindagi Sad Shayari.
  4. How can I find Zindagi Sad Shayari that resonates with me?
    • You can explore poetry anthologies, social media platforms, and online forums dedicated to poetry to discover Zindagi Sad Shayari that speaks to your heart.
  5. Is Zindagi Sad Shayari only in Urdu or Hindi?
    • While Urdu and Hindi are predominant languages for Zindagi Sad Shayari, it is not limited to any specific language and can be expressed in various languages worldwide.



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