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Are you looking for “Good Morning” then you have come to the right place. The following “good morning shayari english” For You.In a world buzzing with fast-paced routines, taking a moment to wish someone a good morning can be a refreshing pause. Good Morning Shayari goes beyond the conventional greetings, infusing warmth and artistry into your daily interactions.

good morning shayari english


Good Morning Shayari English


Whether we reach our destination or not,
This is a matter of fate,

We don’t even try,

This is a wrong thing.

Good Morning🌅


Don’t tell God how many problems you have

Let your difficulties know that God is with you

Good morning!


if you want to help someone

So you need true and good heart not money

want to get a good night’s sleep

so honestly all day long

Will have to work hard. Good Morning🌄


The philosophy of life is also very strange

Only distance tells us what closeness is.

Good Morning

Don’t get angry,

Don’t make false promises,

Sometimes, taking out some free time,

Meet yourself sometime.


Remember, revenge for insult

It is not taken by fighting,

rather than the person in front

It is taken more successfully.


May the morning light always be with you,

May every day and every moment be special for you,

My heart prays for you,

That my friend never gets sad.☀️


The joy of avenging an injury,

So only four days remain,

but the joy of forgiving someone

Lasts a lifetime.

Good Morning


fond of finding evil

So start with yourself,

Not from others.


good morning shayari english

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In the smoke rising from the tea cup

I can see your face,

I get lost in your thoughts like this,

Often my tea gets cold.


To admit mistakes and

to give up sin

never late,

Because the longer the journey,

The payback will be just as long.


felt like life

it will take time to change

but who knew

changed times

Will change life itself.


Birth is not in your hands, death is not in your hands,

But it is in your hands to live life your own way,

Have fun, keep smiling, keep making a place in everyone’s hearts.

Good Morning!


The sun is out, and the sky is colorful,

It is very beautiful and so are you.

Good morning. Have a good day.


There were whirlpools in Gulshan,

The sun has set up its camp in the east,

Open your eyes with a smile dear,

It’s a lovely morning once again!🍵


A smile is a curve that straightens everything

send it forward and on this beautiful morning

Share a smile with everyone.

Very Good Morning!


good morning shayari english

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There is a morning inside you which

Waiting to open into the light.

Good morning.


Happiness has no value,

Relationships have no weight,

Although we meet people at every turn,

But not everyone is as precious as you.🌅


If yesterday was a good day then don’t wait

May your winning streak

It has just started. Good morning!


Good morning.

do something every day that makes you

Take you closer to a better tomorrow.


There is depth in the ocean,

There is loneliness in memories,

Who remembers whom in this busy life?

If someone remembers, there is truth in his memories.


Patience, hard work and hope are the weapons

to reach the destination

He is faster than Brahmastra. Good morning.


Keep your characters and words strong

Everyone has power in their voice.

Good morning!


May no one steal your laughter,

May no one ever make you cry,

May such lamps of happiness burn in life,

That even a storm cannot extinguish it.🌅


what to say nothing is said

The pain is sweet but it doesn’t last.

I have become so friendly with you

Now I can’t live without remembering.


The blooming morning is a morning full of freshness,

Flowers, spring have spread colors for you,

The morning is saying wake up friends,

Everything is incomplete without your smile.


happiness is medicine

which is not available in any market in the world

found only within yourself


As soon as the morning comes, the world becomes populated.

As soon as I open my eyes, I remember you in my heart.

May there be flowers of happiness in your lap,

This is the first complaint on my lips.


good morning shayari english

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forever remember

for better days

have to fight bad days


after a sweet little rant

after the beautiful dreams of the night

With some new dreams in the morning

May you always laugh with your loved ones

Good morning


more than your smile

nothing positive

So why think about spreading it?

good morning with loving smile


Days pass like pleasant memories

things remain as stories

But friends always remain close to the heart

Sometimes as a smile and sometimes as tears in the eyes

Good morning


always keep moving forward

Even if life lasts only for a day

do something and show your weaknesses

be bigger than


This is my attempt to make you laugh,

I want to keep everyone happy,

Whether someone remembers or not,

It is my habit to remember everyone.

Good morning


When you get tired of collecting happiness

So understand that happiness is not in getting but in sharing.


good morning shayari english

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I send flowers of love in your name,

I salute your smile,

May your life become a house of happiness,

This is what I pray for you every morning and evening!


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the morning sun is sure to rise

no darkness no weather

Can’t last forever.


We are out of sight, not out of sight

We are away from dreams, not from thoughts

We are far from the heart, not from the heartbeats.

We are away from you, not from your memories.

Good morning. have a nice day.


When you get something big in life

never forget the little one

because where there is needlework

The sword does not work there.


Don’t live in the absence of anyone,

Don’t live under anyone’s influence.

Life is yours only,

live in good mood

Good morning


Congratulations to you on this God given life.

May your life be filled with happiness!

May the shadow of sorrow never fall on you,

It is our prayer that you always smile like this!!

Hi Good Morning


Let your sorrows become your happiness,

May every morning fill your world with light,

Whenever your breath starts breaking,

May God make my life included in you.


There are many reasons for sadness in life

But there is something different in being happy without any reason.

So always be happy.

Good Morning


The fresh air smells of flowers,

Birds chirping in the first light,

Whenever you open your eyelids,

May there be only a glimpse of happiness in those eyelids.


Drops of dew are wetting the flowers,

The cold waves are awakening a freshness,

Come and join them,

A lovely morning is waking you up.


Of course make less relationships.

But follow them to heart!

Often people look for better

The path is difficult but not impossible.

Our destination is far away but our courage is not less.


life will be as simple as possible

the difficulties will be less.


May your day be the most beautiful,

This is all our heart wants.


Take the burden of the world off your heart,

Life is short, live it smilingly.


The person who cries out in sorrow every moment,

happiness returns from its doorstep.


good morning shayari english

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If you want to be successful, don’t sleep too much at night.

If you want love, never lose your loved ones.


mending the broken and appeasing the angry

He who knows it becomes successful in himself.


love those people in life

Whose heart is more beautiful than their face


Remember, revenge for insult

It is not taken by fighting,

rather than the person in front

It is taken more successfully.


The joy of avenging an injury lasts only for four days,

But the joy of forgiving someone lasts a lifetime.


Don’t be afraid to start again,

Because this time it will not start from zero but with experience.



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Good Morning Shayari in English offers a delightful way to start your day with grace and elegance. From the beauty of nature to expressions of love and inspiration, these poetic messages have the power to uplift spirits and foster a positive mindset. Embrace the art of crafting and sharing Good Morning Shayari to make each morning a poetic journey of optimism.


  1. Can I use Good Morning Shayari for professional communication?
    • While poetic, it’s advisable to reserve Shayari for more personal or informal settings. For professional communication, a simple greeting may be more appropriate.
  2. How can I overcome creative blocks when crafting my own Shayari?
    • Take breaks, explore different perspectives, and draw inspiration from various sources. Sometimes stepping away briefly can rejuvenate your creative flow.
  3. Are there any copyright concerns when sharing Shayari online?
    • Always attribute or seek permission when sharing Shayari created by others. Respecting intellectual property ensures a healthy creative community.
  4. Can I combine different themes in one Good Morning Shayari?
    • Absolutely! Combining themes adds depth and variety to your Shayari. Experiment with different elements to create a unique and impactful morning message.
  5. Where can I find a community to share my Good Morning Shayari creations?
    • Online platforms like social media groups and forums dedicated to poetry are excellent places to connect with a community of like-minded individuals.


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