Top 39+ Attitude Shayari in English

Are you looking for “Attitude Shayari” then you have come to the right place. The following “Attitude Shayari in English For You, In the realm of poetry, attitude shayari stands out as a unique and expressive form of artistic expression. With its roots deeply embedded in the rich cultural tapestry of South Asia, attitude shayari has transcended geographical boundaries and gained popularity among English-speaking audiences worldwide. In this article, we delve into the captivating world of attitude shayari, exploring its origins, themes, impact on culture, and much more.

Attitude Shayari in English


Attitude Shayari in English


wake up my brother lion
and put us to sleep friend

it’s not anyone’s business

and we stand there

where matter grows


Attitude Shayari in English

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We do not salute the king or the master.

Be it money or any princess, we do not do slavery.


Show the same attitude

as much as suits your budget


That’s why I have passion

your pride is shattered in front of me


before getting upset

disappear from my life


appease the angry

And we don’t like making others laugh


A little time passed and we started making eye contact.

Those who had no power also started raising their heads.


On the thousands of lovers of your face

BABY Millions of fans of my STATUS


There is a lot of difference between your and my education.

You have learned from the masters and I have learned from the circumstances.


If you talk with love you will get love only.

If you talk arrogantly, you will be seen in my block list.


What harm can anyone do to you?

He has written his fate

which no one can harm


People didn’t let me fall when I couldn’t walk.

Ever since I have controlled myself, people have been trying to trip me.


Attitude Shayari in English

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whom we consider poison

which one looks like honey to us


Race is run by those who want to try their luck.

We are players who play with our destiny.


There is no doubt that we are bad

but someone does evil

no one has the right to do this


When did I say that you understand my value?

If we had to sell, we would not have been so lonely.


Life should be lived in your own way

at the request of others

Lions also dance in the circus


Don’t show so much attitude of your mind

Mine is as bad as your brain.


it’s good that you are smart

But it’s even better than not thinking of us as fools.


I have lived my life on one principle

Never test the one you consider your own


stay so decent

as many worlds as you can keep


It can be easily obtained, who wants that?

Stubbornness is that which is not written in the destiny.


He has a sarcastic accent and walks around with a mask on his face.

Those whose own accounts are bad, they roam around with my accounts.


Not rich enough to buy everything

But he did not become so poor that he sold himself.


We also have an idea of our stature, darling.

We are not proud of our reflection


Even if your special friends are few

But all there are are Nuclear Bombs


There are camps of cunning people in the city of hatred

those people live here

What is on your face is yours and what is on my face is mine.


Those who were busy turned out to be busy.

Only useless people came in handy at the right time.


This smiling face of some people

cause of burning


we will build a world with someone else

We are not so helpless now that we cry in front of you.


Attitude Shayari in English

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who couldn’t understand us

He has the right to think bad of us


Who had the courage to buy us?

We have sold ourselves after seeing the buyer.


Told me that the entry may be late but it will be the greatest.

We live life with breath. That’s why enemies are jealous of our name


You need not only a dagger in your hand but also water in your eyes.

We also need some family as enemies


I will definitely sit in the gathering but will not drink.

because it will take away my sorrow

I can’t stand that much alcohol


It’s not a big deal to seal your mouth

If you can, change my thoughts.


i hate those people

who are mine only in front of me


Be it the house of the beloved or the land of angels

The one who left and never looked back


This world is burning, we will burn it further

We had enemies before, now we will make more


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Attitude shayari serves as a powerful medium for self-expression, social commentary, and emotional catharsis. Its timeless appeal and universal themes resonate with audiences across generations and cultures. As we navigate the complexities of life, attitude shayari offers solace, inspiration, and a profound connection to the human experience.


  1. Is attitude shayari only popular in South Asia?
    • While its roots are in South Asia, attitude shayari has gained popularity worldwide, especially among English-speaking audiences.
  2. Can anyone write attitude shayari?
    • Yes, anyone with a passion for poetry and a flair for language can try their hand at writing attitude shayari.
  3. Is attitude shayari limited to specific themes?
    • Not at all. Attitude shayari encompasses a wide range of themes, from love and longing to defiance and introspection.
  4. How can I get started with writing attitude shayari?
    • Begin by exploring different themes and emotions that resonate with you. Experiment with language and imagery to craft impactful verses.
  5. Where can I find inspiration for attitude shayari?
    • Inspiration can be found in everyday experiences, nature, literature, and even personal reflections. Stay open to the world around you, and let your creativity flow.


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