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Are you looking for Attitude Shayari then you have come to the right place. The following “Instagram Attitude Shayari For You, In the vast ocean of social media, where every individual strives to stand out, Instagram emerges as a beacon of self-expression. Among the myriad forms of content that populate this platform, attitude shayari holds a special place. Combining the richness of poetic language with the boldness of attitude, Instagram attitude shayari captivates audiences worldwide.


Instagram Attitude Shayari


Instagram Attitude Shayari


I have given you many chances,
Now wait for my four…!


Whatever you want will become common,

Your work will be done by taking my name…!


I don’t have even the slightest pride in me,

But I know how to break it very well…!


Instagram Attitude Shayari

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I follow only one rule,

If someone comes, welcome and if someone goes,

 there will be less crowd…!


I have a weakness for those who scare me,

They don’t know what my history is…!


If you stay within limits, you will live a little longer.

I too regret having a dog…!


I kept you with me thinking I was gold,

And you sold yourself for the price of brass…!


Will make the withered flowers bloom again,

Wherever you go, you will shake the system…!


I will buy many people like you,

Why don’t you buy your family?


Moon and stars will be seen all around,

If you look into my eyes you will see embers…!


I don’t understand this love affair,

I am a little hot-tempered since childhood…!


There is something to talk about, what is the matter?

Who are you, you idiot? What is your status?


I will say this to those who speak ill of me,

The lion does not respond to the barking of dogs…!


I am not strange, my love.

I am a bit hot-headed…!


I don’t like the good ones,

My testing mood is a bit different…!


She is mine, friends, who has just shined,

Don’t take this as a request, this is my threat…


I fail every time just for this reason,

If you pass then who will misbehave in school…!


Those who consider my silence as my defeat,

This is my plan to destroy you…!


You will drink it like sugarcane,

If you collide with us, you will be reduced to ashes…!


I am special for my loved ones,

And for the goons I am a scoundrel…!


Instagram Attitude Shayari

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You consider my silence as my sorrow,

Son, you underestimate your father…!


I will show the sun, moon and stars together,

Don’t show arrogance otherwise I will show you arrogance…!


It’s good that he left me.

I too was fed up with him…!


wait for the time,

You will keep looking at me…!


What if bad times have come?

Support yourself, those who fall are those who do not have the courage to get up…!


Had come to see my status,

He himself became bigger while coming towards me…!


You don’t have that much income.

As much as we mourn…!


I have no one special,

You were there, now you too get fucked…!


Why should I complain to anyone?

I will show you when the time comes…!


How are you forcing me,

Looks like you don’t care about yourself…!


Show him this fear of death,

The one who loves his life…!


The decision to part with you,

I should have taken it a long time ago…!


No matter what the world says,

I will do what my heart says…!


I had one thing to say to those who parted ways,

You too may have a bad time…!


By showing him the fear of death,

Who has come into this world to stay alive…!


Which do not solve their own issues,

He advises us to improve…!


Instagram Attitude Shayari

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Those birds who had to fly in the open air,

If you capture me in your fist, you will regret it…!


If we improve,

So who will improve the people…!


I have a principle,

The one who lives with respect is accepted…!


Betraying one’s life to those who are new,

I am an old player of this game…!


Today I have lost such a sucker,

Who used to fight with the world for me…!


Our fault was just this much,

He washed away those who troubled him…!


No one knows my innocence,

People get scared after seeing my beard…!


I have this great desire to build a city,

And you are the queen of that city…!


Trust me my love,

One day the world will be at your feet…!


What you call a crime,

I am the king of that world…!


In which you are not included my love,

I will set such a world on fire…!


Let whoever wants to do,

We have come here to name…!


There is no fear but love here.

I have credit at every shop…!


Instagram Attitude Shayari

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Don’t ask the stones where to go,

One has to become whatever one understands…!


He said, “Ruin me by ruining me.”

Don’t the left do any work?


The pain of heartbreak was so great, sir.

I have started breaking people…!


A sucker has come to raise my destiny,

He turned back in the middle of the road after seeing my fear…!


We are not scoundrels, sir.

We just have to remove people’s misconceptions…!


The one who keeps expensive things throughout his life,

It is not right to buy cheap…!


I believe that there are millions of evils in me,

You tell me what is good in you…!


Don’t talk nonsense to me.

Do you know that my termite remains hot…!


These toys you call guns,

They remain lying in some corner of my house…!


You have started flying more in the air, sir.

Looks like he is mourning the dust…!


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In the ever-evolving realm of social media, Instagram attitude shayari stands as a testament to the enduring power of human connection. Through its potent blend of poetry and attitude, it transcends language barriers and cultural divides, uniting souls in a shared journey of self-discovery and expression.


  1. Can anyone create attitude shayari on Instagram?
    • A: Absolutely! Instagram welcomes creators of all backgrounds and skill levels to share their unique perspectives through attitude shayari.
  2.  How can I increase engagement with my attitude shayari posts?
    • A: Engage with your audience by responding to comments, collaborating with other creators, and using relevant hashtags to expand your reach.
  3.  Is it necessary to use visuals with attitude shayari posts?
    • A: While visuals can enhance the impact of your shayari, they’re not mandatory. Focus on crafting compelling verses that resonate with your audience, and use visuals to complement your message.
  4. Can attitude shayari be written in languages other than English?
    • A: Absolutely! Attitude shayari transcends language barriers, allowing creators to express themselves in their preferred language.
  5.  How can I find inspiration for writing attitude shayari?
    • A: Draw inspiration from your own life experiences, observations, and emotions. Explore different themes and styles, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas.



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