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Are you looking for Attitude Shayari then you have come to the right place. The following “Attitude Shayari 2 Line For You In the realm of poetry, attitude shayari stands out for its succinctness and power to encapsulate emotions in just two lines. This article delves into the essence of attitude shayari, exploring its origins, crafting, examples, and impact.

Attitude Shayari 2 Line


Attitude Shayari 2 Line


You can guess our status by knowing this
We never belong to everyone else.


living close to each other brings a bad name

So now I salute you from a distance


It is better to achieve success than falling at someone’s feet.

Be determined to become something by walking on your own feet


Time and circumstances change relationships

Now that you are mentioned, we will change the topic.


The destination should be that day on which we lose.

There should be more discussion about my defeat than about the winner that day.


Attitude Shayari 2 Line

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I speak less but people keep quiet

I know the art of doing it very well…


We will not change with the pace of time

whenever we meet each other the style will be old


Your attitude is chiller in front of me

Because my smile is too killer


Now I am a mirror, piercing everyone’s eyes.

When I become a mirror where everyone will see


If you want to understand stubbornness, then stubbornness is right.

but more than self-respect
nothing at all


Estimate my fame from this

I am saluted by those whom you salute


Ever since I learned that my confidence is with me

Since then I have stopped thinking about who is against me.


If I had desire for your body, I would have snatched it from the world.

I love your soul, that’s why I ask God


never break your principles

Don’t leave someone who crosses the line


I know how far they are flying.

After all, these are birds that came out of my hands.


Just as there is no answer to every question

Similarly, not every person is a Nawab like us.


I don’t play games in which winning is fixed.

Because winning is fun only when there is a risk of losing.


wealth is inherited

But identity has to be created on one’s own


Attitude Shayari 2 Line

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What example should I give of my personality, friends?

I don’t know how famous he became, he kept defaming me.


You were in my heart yesterday and you are there today too.

Was in favorite list till yesterday

Today it is in the block list


We don’t live a stupid life

We don’t drink wine by snatching it from others.

If you love them then come and express it.

We don’t chase anyone either


be happy or sad

just stay away from us


The story of the meaningless world is over

The kind of world we have now,

kind of us


If you are the question, we are also the answer

You are a brick, sir, we are also stones


रास्ते में मिली वो अदा,

दिल को कर गई हवा।


दिल को कर गई हवा,

देखा तो लगा कुछ कम है जवाब।


चलो, क्या कहूँ मैं इस तलाश में,

अब तक कहाँ था, वो मिला ही नहीं।


Attitude Shayari 2 Line

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किसी ने कहा, इश्क में है जुनून,

पर क्या करें, ये दिल है बे-हिशाब।


धूप में जलते हैं हम तन,

पर जलना तो तेरी चाहत में है जान।


खुदा से मांगा था तुझे हमने सनम,

पर मिली तुझसे ही हमें सब कुछ कम।


आंखों में तेरी ख्वाब लिए बैठे हैं,

दिल में तेरी यादों का गुलाब लिए बैठे हैं।


रात भर तेरी यादों में रोते रहते हैं,

क्योंकि तेरी खोई हुई खुशियों को ढूंढते रहते हैं।


धुआं उठता है तेरी यादों का,

बदले की बारिश के साथ, दिल तेरी यादों से भरा है।


जीने का हर लम्हा तेरे बिना अधूरा है,

तेरे साथ न होने से ये दिल हमेशा बेचैन है।


बिछड़ा है तुझसे मगर दिल अब भी तेरा है,

तेरी यादों की चादर में हमने अपना सवेरा है।


तेरी यादों के साथ ही हमने जीना सीखा,

बिना तेरे रहते, अब तो हमने मरना सीखा।


हर पल तेरी यादों में बिताना हमारा नसीब है,

तेरे बिना जीना तो बस एक अधूरा सपना है।


तेरे बिना हम अधूरे हैं, ये बात हमें मालूम है,

तेरी यादों में ही हमारा वजूद और मकसद है।


जब से तू छोड़ गया, दिल बेहाल है जान,

तेरी यादों का करता हूँ बस तनहाई में साथ।


मेरी रातों में बस तेरी यादों का साथ है,

बिना तेरे हर पल बस एक सजा है रात है।


तेरे बिना दिन बेकार हैं, रातें बेरंग हैं,

तेरी यादों के साथ हर पल हमें तूफान हैं।


Attitude Shayari 2 Line

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तेरी बेवफाई ने जला दी जिंदगी की राह,

मगर फिर भी तेरी यादों में ही है हमारा सहारा।


कभी तू मेरे साथ था, कभी मेरे पास ही नहीं,

तेरी यादों का जादू है, जो हमें भूले ही नहीं।


कभी तेरी मुस्कान, कभी तेरी बातें,

तेरे बिना जीना, दिल को सताता है रातें।


क्या कहें इस दर्द को, जो हमारे दिल को चुभता है,

तेरे बिना जीना, हमें हर लम्हा रुलाता है।


हर दिन बिताना, अब तो मुश्किल सा हो गया है,

तेरी यादों में खोना, ये जीवन का नियम सा हो गया है।


क्या कहें इस तन्हाई को, जो हमें तेरे बिना सताती है,

तेरी यादों में ही खो कर, ये जीने की आदत सी बन गई है।


धड़कनों में तेरी धुआं, सांसों में तेरा अरमान,

तेरी बिना जीना, ये दिल का गहरा तराना है।


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Attitude shayari, with its concise yet profound expressions, continues to captivate hearts and minds across generations. From coffeehouse gatherings to virtual communities, its influence transcends boundaries, uniting souls through the universal language of poetry.


  • What makes attitude shayari unique?

Attitude shayari stands out for its brevity and ability to convey complex emotions in just two lines, making it highly relatable and impactful.

  • How can I start writing my own attitude shayaris?

Begin by identifying your emotions or perspectives, then play with words to create concise yet meaningful verses that reflect your attitude and personality.

  • Where can I find inspiration for crafting attitude shayaris?

Draw inspiration from personal experiences, observations, or even famous poets. Let your imagination roam freely to unearth unique perspectives and insights.

  • Are attitude shayaris only popular in certain cultures?

While attitude shayaris have roots in Urdu poetry, they have gained popularity worldwide, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with diverse audiences.

  • Can attitude shayaris be used as captions for social media posts?

Absolutely! Attitude shayaris make excellent captions for social media posts, adding depth and personality to your photos or status updates.


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