48+ Very Sad Shayari in Hindi

Are you looking for “Sad Shayari” then you have come to the right place. The following “Sad Shayari in Hindi” For You Shayari, a form of poetry deeply rooted in Indian culture, captures emotions in a lyrical and profound manner. Among its various themes, Sad Shayari holds a special place, resonating with individuals facing heartache, loss, or solitude. This article delves into the essence of Sad Shayari in Hindi, exploring its significance, themes, notable poets, impact, and the art of writing and sharing such poignant verses.

Sad Shayari in Hindi


Sad Shayari in Hindi


Raat bhar karavaten badalatee hain,
dil kee nazar bhee dushman kee yaad dilaatee hai.


bichhade hue lamhon kee tasveeren,

aankhon mein phool bharatee hain.


jindagee kee raahon mein khoya hua,

yaaden tere dil ko bhulaatee hain.


dard bharee ye kahaaniyaan,

aankhon mein bhee teree masjiden hain.


rooh mein doobe khvaahishon kee, idiyan

teree bin ye zindagee adhooree see lagatee hai.


dil ke dariya mein teree yaadon ka toofaan,

har pal dil ko teree talaash mein bahalaata hai.


tera bin adhoora sa lagata hai,

teree yaadon ke saath hee jeena mumakin lagata hai.


khoyee huee tasveeren dil ko bahut kathin hain,

teree yaadon ka saath, dard mein bhee dil ko bahalaata hai.


beeta hua kal bhee yaad aata hai,

teree yaadon ka saaya, dil ko bahut bahalaata hai.


meree jindagee ka sabase khoobasoorat pal,

teree yaadon ke saath hua.


khvaabon mein teree mulaaqaat ho,

vo lamha aap mein hee kaaphee hai.


Sad Shayari in Hindi

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tera bin adhoora sa lagata hai,

teree yaadon ke saath hee jeena mumakin lagata hai.


seekh rahe hain tumhaaree bina kaise jee sahaayak,

har lamha, har pal, har saans teree yaadon mein hee bitaate hain.


jab yaaden tere dil ko chhoo jaatee hain,

vah ajanabee shahar kee tarah ham tere bina kaheen kho jaate hain.


har saans mein tera hee khyaal hota hai,

teree yaadon ke saath hee dil ka har raasta saaph hota hai.


teree zindagee ek khvaab sa hai,

teree yaadon ke saath har lamha ehasaas sa lagata hai.


jab bhee yaaden tumhaaree aatee hain,

dil ko ek alag sa saarvabhaum darshan hai.


raushanee ke har mod par,

aapakee yaaden hamesha ke lie mobail ke saath hain.


Sad Shayari in Hindi

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dard bharee ye teree yaaden,

jeen kee raah mein aadhaar moortiyaan hain.


toofaan ke jangal ke baavajood bhee,

teree yaaden hamesha banee rahatee hain.


jab bhee yaad aatee ho teree,

dil ko ek khaamosh dost ban jaata hai.


phir bhee koshish karo,

teree yaadon se dil ko door nahin bhaage.


teree yaadon ke sae mein,

har pal dil bekar rahata hai.


khvaabon mein bhee teree yaaden sataatee hain,

jab bhee main kholata hoon, dil teree hee tasveeren dhoondhata hai.


tere bina dil ko saarvabhaum nahin,

teree yaadon mein har lamha khoya hai.


Sad Shayari in Hindi

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Toss and turn throughout the night,

Even the heartbeat remembers you.


Pictures of lost moments,

Tears fill the eyes.


Lost in the paths of life,

Your memories warm the heart.


These painful stories,

I find your smile even in tears.


The weaving of desires in the soul,

This life seems incomplete without you.


The storm of your memories in the ocean of my heart,

Every moment my heart wanders in search of you.


Life seems incomplete without you,

It seems possible to live only with your memories.


Lost photos hurt the heart a lot,

The company of your memories comforts the heart even in pain.


I still remember yesterday,

The shadow of your memories comforts the heart a lot.


The most beautiful moment of my life,

Spent together with your memories.


May I meet you in my dreams,

That moment is enough in itself.


Life seems incomplete without you,

It seems possible to live only with your memories.


Wondering how to live without you,

I spend every moment, every moment, every breath in your memories.


When your memories touch the heart,

Like that strange city, we get lost without you.


I think of you in every breath,

Only with your memories every path of the heart becomes clear.


Life without you seems like a dream,

Every moment with your memories feels like a feeling.


Sad Shayari in Hindi

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Whenever memories of you come,

The heart gets a different kind of peace.


At every turn of life,

Your memories always stay with you.


These painful memories of yours,

They become the basis for life.


Despite shedding tears,

Your memories always make me smile.


Whenever I remember you,

Silence becomes a companion to the heart.


No matter how hard you try,

Can’t drive my heart away from your memories.


In the shadow of your memories,

The heart remains restless every moment.


Your memories haunt me even in my dreams,

Whenever I open my eyes, my heart searches for your picture.


Without you my heart finds no peace,

Every moment is lost in your memories.


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In conclusion, Sad Shayari in Hindi transcends mere words to become a powerful medium of expression, offering solace, empathy, and insight into the depths of the human experience. Through its poignant verses, Sad Shayari continues to enrich and inspire generations, reminding us of the enduring beauty found amidst life’s sorrows.


  1. Can anyone write Sad Shayari, or is it reserved for professional poets?
    • Sad Shayari is a form of self-expression open to anyone with a penchant for poetry. You don’t need to be a professional poet to write heartfelt verses that resonate with your emotions.
  2. Are there any specific rules or structures for writing Sad Shayari?
    • While there are no rigid rules, Sad Shayari often follows traditional poetic forms such as ghazals or nazms. However, free verse and modern interpretations are also widely accepted.
  3. How can I find inspiration for writing Sad Shayari?
    • Inspiration for Sad Shayari can come from personal experiences, observations of life, literature, music, or even nature. Allow yourself to be attuned to your emotions and the world around you.
  4. Is Sad Shayari only about expressing sadness, or can it convey other emotions too?
    • While Sad Shayari primarily focuses on expressing sorrow, it can also encompass a range of other emotions such as longing, nostalgia, melancholy, and hope.
  5. Can reading Sad Shayari help with coping during difficult times?
    • Yes, reading Sad Shayari can provide solace and comfort during difficult times by offering a sense of validation for one’s emotions and fostering a connection with others who may share similar experiences.



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