103+ Good Morning Shayari for Gf & Quotes

Are you looking for “Good Morning” then you have come to the right place. The following “good morning shayari for gf” For You.  In a world bustling with hectic routines and fast-paced lives, taking a moment to send a heartfelt good morning message can create a significant impact on your relationship. Especially when those messages are adorned with beautiful shayari crafted exclusively for your girlfriend, they become a unique expression of love and affection.

good morning shayari for gf


Good Morning Shayari for Gf


I have also replied to your hmm.
Now know how much I have loved you

🌸Good Morning Dear🌸


every evening of my life for you

This gathering, this city, this name is for you

May you always smile like the stars

Just this every morning, my message for you

🌸Good Morning Dear🌸


praise your beauty

not up to our poetry

What should I write in praise of you?

there is no one like you in the universe

not even made

🌸Good Morning 🌸


Remember, you come here

Like you are the most important work

I can’t stop myself

Like you are the reward of my life

🌸Good Morning 🌸


🌸This is my prayer to God🌸

May such a day also come in life

Like Heer and Ranjha had met

I hope you meet me somehow

❤️Good Morning❤️


I did it without any expectations

loved you

I don’t know how many years

for your happiness

have been waiting for you

Good morning my love


is it love or magic

Don’t know

But whatever is there is only from you

not from anyone else

🌸Good morning Jaan🌸


good morning shayari for gf

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you become mine

I will not insist on this

i’m yours

I will say this with truth

🌸 Good Morning Dear 🌸


in just a few meetings

we got used to you

our eyes feel

I fall in love with seeing you every day

Good morning


I want to wake you up every morning with all my heart

brought you closer to my heart with love

We never leave any chance

wake you up every morning with poetry

🌸Good morning Jaan🌸


the sun shone again the morning came

I opened my eyes and remembered you again

heart felt that wind

who came from your house to our house

🌸Good morning🌸


Let’s talk to them,

want again and again

this presumptuous us

want to do every time

we know

she wants someone else

but still we them

want to love

🌸Good morning🌸


I don’t know what happened after seeing you

we are still confused

you settled in these breaths

or are we lost somewhere

🌸 Good Morning Baby 🌸


I don’t know how many times I have written this

my name with your name

After reading it feels as if

Janmo Janmo Saath is written

our with you

🌸Good morning🌸


after you in life now

there will be no desire for anyone else

If I don’t find you

there will be more hatred than love

🌸 Good Morning Baby 🌸


good morning shayari for gf


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have learned to love

no place for hatred

You are the only one in my heart

no one else

Good Morning Dear


Some people leave such an impact on the heart.

let’s meet for a moment

And stay in your heart for life

🌸 Good Morning Dear 🌸


If you have loved then you will definitely fulfill it

Will come every morning as the ray of day

Why fear the world when we are

Will remember you every morning


Your beauty is my pride,

Your innocence is my identity,

I will not be able to live apart from you,

my life you are my life

Good Morning


snatch you from the world

This is not in my bus

But someone should remove you from my DIL

This is in anyone’s control

Good Morning Dear


There is magic in everything he says

I miss DIN a lot at night

When I dreamed at night

Tab his hand was my hand

Good Morning Dear


I want to be in your every memory

I want to call you mine all the time

Just say yes to me once

I swear my love,

Then no one will be able to separate you from us

Good Morning Jaan


good morning shayari for gf


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Life comes only once

so do something like this

That even after saying goodbye to this world

stay alive in people’s hearts

Good Morning


I am sad but not angry with you

I am in your heart but you don’t have me.

If I lie, I have everything

To be honest, there is nothing special except you

Good Morning Dear


always remember one thing about me

i can leave the world

but not you

Good Morning Dear


I am so scattered,

hard to fit in

I am lost somewhere

hard to find


how can i stop loving you

You may not be in luck but you are in my heart.

Good Morning Baby


one night in a thousand nights

I feel relieved when I talk to you

Good Morning Dear


We will celebrate the sad life

We will tolerate whatever gum we meet.

you always stay with us

Will smile even through tears

Good Morning Baby


once it hit me in the chest

Fulfill all the desires of your heart

Since when have I wanted to make you mine?

Today is your chance to call me to you

Good Morning Baby


Your love has made us helpless

Made us unaware of every happiness

we never wanted

We may be in love but your first sight

auctioned us off

Good Morning Baby


How long can we just look at you

at least once you see us

I know you are not in our destiny

But what can these eyes do that see you?

🌸Good Morning Baby🌸


no i don’t want you

I should not cry in your memory

as long as there is life

i want to be with you forever

Good Morning Baby


Now return from where the moon and stars came from.

It’s morning, wake up now…

Now say goodbye to the stars,

embrace this new dawn


oh what is your style

to hide a beautiful face

this is the murderer

of this crazy person

❤️Good Morning Baby❤️


good morning shayari for gf

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I remembered you again like every night

I brought with me many dreams

the effect of your love is like this

Even the morning has brought with it your shadow

🌸Good Morning🌸


ease your sorrows every night

Let your happiness double every morning

🌸Good Morning🌸


May every moment of life give you happiness

May every moment of love love you

let sadness not touch you

may God bless you with something like this

🌸Good Morning🌸


There is intoxication in the air again

The sun is shining again in the open sky today

you smile once again

Today again a new morning has come to meet you

🌸Good Morning🌸


I pray this to the sun every morning

give my love a happy evening

if there is any problem

So first of all give us the message

🌸Good Morning🌸


the dark night that passed

Then the chirping morning came

we saw those moments

who came in your dreams at night

🌸Good Morning🌸


these are just memories

where I meet you every day

but now it doesn’t seem

with the help of memories

this life will end

🌸Good Morning🌸


every night you find me

Then I die for the night

Why does it happen in the morning?

Looks like I’m dying for you now

🌸Good Morning🌸


Every night I wait for the morning

when will it be morning

and talk to you again


Be my mother-in-law and be in my heartbeat

flow like blood in my veins

Love is a precious jewel

so when the sun shines

Please tell us 🌸Good Morning🌸


I ask for morning from the shining night

and from the rising sun

I want to be with you every birth

🌸Good Morning🌸


good morning shayari for gf

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whenever a few moments

eyes closed

I just missed you

know now my love

how much I have loved you

🌸Good Morning🌸


sometimes i think

how much i love you

will you ever get a chance

so let me tell you together

🌸Good Morning🌸


whether it is morning or evening

lives on my lips

just your name

🌸Good Morning🌸


I talk to you every evening

I miss you every morning

didn’t open my eyes

Your face is in my eyes

🌸Good Morning🌸


I talk about everything only with you

You are with me and every night you are mine

I wake you up every morning with a kiss

that’s enough

🌸Good Morning🌸


your habit of never giving up

will defeat us one day

and our habit of winning

one day we will forget this

🌸Good Morning🌸


I don’t want to be away from you

i don’t want to lose you

I am just in your arms

I want to sleep without any worries

🌸Good Morning🌸


as sweet as your laugh

may your day be filled with so much love

🌸Good Morning🌸


every day every morning

whenever i look at the sun

I only think of you

it seems so

Like without you there is only darkness in my life

🌸Good Morning🌸


good morning shayari for gf

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May you always have a basket of happiness

May every moment be special for you

I just pray for you every day

Whatever happens, just don’t be sad.

🌸Good Morning🌸


just be happy

like the sun shines everyday

🌸Good Morning🌸


Let every morning be a festival of smiles

Never come near, there is no trouble in life

with the rising sun and fresh breeze

Happy beautiful morning to you!

🌸Good Morning🌸


🌸A message has been sent with the winds 🌸

I have sent a wish with the chirping of birds

If you get time then read it

We send you our heartfelt greetings

🌸Good Morning Baby🌸


every morning you

wake up to the cool morning breeze

And if you remember us when you wake up

So call us without hesitation

🌸Good Morning Baby🌸


couldn’t sleep

was so busy remembering you

What can I tell you, I have given you my heart

Never seen anyone,

you are so cool

🌸Good Morning Baby🌸


ask these winds

How many times have we called your name

With the stars at night and the sun in the morning

I have asked about your condition every time

Good Morning


You are the most precious gift of my life

You are my mother-in-law’s contract

you are the first and last love

🌸Good morning Jaan🌸


We are not the sun first thing in the morning

love to see your face

Because your beauty is no less than magic

Good Morning


look at the shining rays of the sun

Look at your picture hidden in my heart

Good morning sent to us with great love

wake up and see once

Good Morning


just look out the window

Then after one night morning came

The world shines with shining rays

no matter how yesterday was

But the new morning brought hope full of hope

Good morning


Every morning is a new thing in life

If I talk to you, it’s a great start

Just smile once and say good morning

Then there is a different story in your day.

❤️Good morning baby❤️




morning or evening

just spend with you

I miss the moments

never leave me at any point

With great difficulty we found someone close to us

Good morning my life


This is the reality, we say it again

If you don’t love me then tell me clearly.

To look away is what we call a gesture

🌸Good Morning Baby🌸


Don’t hide your eyes when you see me

don’t come close to me again and again

I get restless with your fragrance

Don’t come near me when I’m with friends

Good morning Jaan


good morning shayari for gf

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there is no such morning

When I don’t remember you

My heart prays for this every day

I could have met you once

Good morning


come one morning

remembering you

One evening I go with your memories

We are just waiting for that day

Whoever brought you into our lives


I have a thousand happiness to say

But if you are not

every happiness is worthless

Good morning


you brighten my life like this

Like no one else can.

I feel so lucky to be with you.


I am immersed in the depth of your love,

I want to spend every moment with you


I want to drink the taste of your lips,

I want to live in your love.


any words for you

Can’t express the depth of my love.

my love for you is infinite.



In a world that often rushes past, taking a moment each morning to express your love through heartfelt shayari can be a game-changer in your relationship. It’s the small gestures that often make the biggest impact. So, go ahead, craft your own unique morning shayari, and watch the love blossom.


  1. Q: How often should I send good morning shayari to my girlfriend?
    • A: While consistency is important, gauge her preferences. If daily works for her, great! If not, find a frequency that suits both of you.
  2. Q: Should I always rhyme in my shayari?
    • A: Rhyming is a stylistic choice. It can add charm, but it’s not a strict rule. Focus more on sincerity and personalization.
  3. Q: What if I’m not good at poetry?
    • A: Don’t worry about perfection. Your effort and sincerity matter more. Start with simple expressions of love.
  4. Q: Is it better to send shayari through text or voice messages?
    • A: Both have their charm. Experiment with both to see what resonates more with your girlfriend.
  5. Q: Can I reuse shayari I find online?
    • A: While inspiration is fine, make sure to add your personal touch. Authenticity makes your shayari more meaningful.






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