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Are you looking for Love Shayari then you have come to the right place. The following “One Side Love Shayari” For You.  In the vast landscape of emotions, one-sided love stands as a poignant testament to unrequited feelings. Often explored in various art forms, one-sided love shayari, a poetic expression of such emotions, delves into the complexities of affection that remain unreciprocated. This article aims to unravel the layers of one-sided love shayari, examining its impact on individuals and society as a whole.


One Side Love Shayari


One Side Love Shayari


True love comes from him,
Who can never be ours!


Lost in the dreams of you,

Listen to the pain of my heart, this is what I say.


My complexion is from your smile,

But you are not in my dreams.


Even the drops of rain remind me of you,

But you are not in my destiny.


You have come into my paths,

But you don’t know that I am meant to be yours.


Losing in love is in my fate,

Living without you, that’s my story in the night.


In the silent echoes of the night,

I whisper your name, hidden from sight.


A solitary journey on this one-way street,

Where love’s symphony, only my heartbeat.


Unspoken words linger in the air,

As I paint dreams of us, so rare.


Your laughter echoes in my mind,

A melody that’s gentle and kind.


Yet, you dance in someone else’s gaze,

While I’m trapped in this one-sided maze.


I offer my heart on love’s open stage,

But you remain beyond my heartfelt cage.


Each stolen glance, a bittersweet token,

A love story in solitude, forever unspoken.


In the realm of unrequited desire,

I find solace in the tears I acquire.


For love unreturned, a silent song,

A poet’s verses, where I belong.


In the moonlit shadows of unrequited love,

I navigate the stars, guided from above.


A wistful gaze at the horizon’s edge,

Where our worlds diverge, an unspoken pledge.


Through the corridors of time, I tread,

In the gallery of memories, where you’ve led.


A phantom touch, a mirage so near,

Yet, in reality, you remain unclear.


Your name etched in the pages of my heart,

An unfinished tale, waiting for a start.



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Silent conversations with the moon,

As I serenade to a love that ended too soon.


In the theater of dreams, you play the lead,

While I’m left with emotions to concede.


One Side Love Shayari


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You have exposed my two sided love.

It was one-sided!


But in the echoes of my solitary plea,

Resides a love that’s boundless and free.


For even in one-sidedness, I find grace,

A love story transcending time and space.


So, I’ll weave these words into the night,

A poetic ode to love’s eternal plight.


In the tapestry of longing, a lone silhouette,

Yearning for a love it won’t forget.


In the garden of hope, where dreams persist,

I nurture the buds of love, gently kissed.


Through the corridors of uncertainty, I tread,

Fingers tracing memories, where your presence once spread.


Yet, like the autumn leaves that gently fall,

Our love descended, a silent call.


In the symphony of silence, echoes remain,

A melody of heartache, a tender refrain.


I harbor no bitterness, no resentment to bear,

Just the weight of a love, too heavy to share.


I’ll be the poet of our unwritten rhyme,

Capturing moments lost in the sands of time.


For in this one-sided love, a strength I find,

A resilience in the heart, a soulful bind.


So, let the stars witness my silent plea,

As I pen the verses of love’s soliloquy.


In the gallery of emotions, where shadows play,

I’ll immortalize our love in words, come what may.


One Side Love Shayari


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Good are those people who come and go.

Those who leave after staying for a while make many people cry!


In the canvas of solitude, where colors blend,

I’ll paint our story, beginning to end.


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A lighthouse of love, I’ll stand tall,

Guiding ships of emotion through the nightfall.


Through the tapestry of time, I’ll weave,

A saga of love that my heart won’t leave.


In the echo of silence, my words will reside,

A testament to a love that never subside.


As the seasons change, and time moves on,

In the verses of my heart, you’ll forever be drawn.


For one-sided love isn’t a tale of despair,

But a journey of the heart, beyond compare.


In the chapters unwritten, where emotions soar,

I’ll etch your name, forevermore.


So, let the moon be witness to my silent prose,

As I continue to love, even when the story slows.


In the book of unrequited love, I’ll find my peace,

As the ink of my emotions continues to release.


In the sanctuary of solitude, I find my reprieve,

A sanctuary where one-sided love is allowed to weave.


Through the corridors of time, my heart will roam,

Seeking solace in the verses of this love poem.


The stars above, witnesses to my silent plea,

A cosmic audience to this unspoken symphony.


I’ll cradle the moonbeams in the palm of my hand,

A luminescent reminder of love’s silent stand.


In the night’s embrace, I’ll find my sanctuary,

A haven where our love exists in perpetuity.


Though the world may dance to a different beat,

In the alcove of my heart, your name will repeat.


For every unspoken word and lingering glance,

Becomes a brushstroke in love’s eternal dance.


In the realm of dreams, where fantasies reside,

I’ll etch your presence on the canvas of my pride.


So, let the winds carry these words afar,

An anthem of a love, brighter than any star.


In the echoes of silence, where emotions bloom,

I’ll continue writing our story, beyond the gloom.


In the mosaic of emotions, where shadows fall,

I’ll sculpt our love, an artistry standing tall.


Through the echoes of silence, where feelings entwine,

I’ll cherish the moments that were solely mine.


In the gallery of memories, each frame a treasure,

I’ll linger in the echoes, savoring love’s measure.


As time dances forward, a relentless stream,

I’ll hold onto our whispers, a timeless dream.


Through the seasons that change, and winds that sigh,

I’ll keep the flame of our love from saying goodbye.


In the journal of my heart, where your name is penned,

I’ll immortalize a love that refuses to bend.


For one-sided love isn’t a burden to bear,

But a tapestry of emotions, woven with care.


As the moon witnesses the secrets I confide,

I’ll find solace in love’s unyielding tide.


One Side Love Shayari


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Even though my love was one sided,

But your eyes also took the initiative!


In the symphony of solitude, a silent decree,

I’ll continue writing, just you and me.


So, let the ink of passion forever flow,

In the script of one-sided love, I’ll gracefully grow.


In the lullabies sung by the night’s gentle breeze,

I’ll carve our love, amidst the symphony of trees.


Through the constellations that silently gleam,

I’ll trace our story in the celestial scheme.


In the sanctuary of dreams where fantasies unfold,

I’ll embrace the fragments of a love untold.


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As the rivers of time flow, relentless and free,

I’ll hold onto the echoes of what could be.


In the theater of emotions, where roles are cast,

I’ll play the protagonist of a love that lasts.


Through the canvas of uncertainties and fears,

I’ll paint our bond with hopes, not tears.


For one-sided love isn’t a tale of regret,

But a testament to a heart that won’t forget.


As the sunsets bow to the moonlit night,

I’ll etch your essence in the soft moonlight.


In the garden of solitude where emotions bloom,

I’ll cultivate a love that transcends the gloom.


So, let the stars bear witness to this silent prose,

A narrative of love that continually grows.


In the tapestry of one-sided love, I’ll find grace,

And continue writing our story, in this sacred space.


In the silence of the night, where shadows converse,

I’ll compose our love in each poetic verse.


Through the quiver of stars that silently weep,

I’ll sow the memories our hearts continue to keep.


In the mosaic of emotions, where hues intertwine,

I’ll capture the essence of a love so divine.


As the seasons unfold, a cyclic ballet,

I’ll dance with the echoes of our love each day.


In the echoes of laughter and unspoken sighs,

I’ll find the rhythm in our silent goodbyes.


Through the corridors of longing, where dreams reside,

I’ll navigate the whispers of love, an unwavering guide.


For one-sided love is a ballad of strength,

A tale of endurance, going to any length.


As the moon illuminates the canvas of our tale,

I’ll embrace the chapters where emotions prevail.


In the sanctuary of my heart, where your image gleams,

I’ll keep our love alive, despite the unfulfilled dreams.


So, let the universe be witness to this soulful decree,

I’ll continue writing, forever, just you and me.


In the tapestry of time, where destinies entwine,

I’ll navigate the threads of a love so fine.


Through the whispers of the wind, a soft serenade,

I’ll weave our story in the secrets it’s conveyed.


In the gallery of dreams, where fantasies reside,

I’ll etch your presence in each stroke with pride.


As the moon unveils its luminous grace,

I’ll pen the verses of love in this sacred space.


Through the silence of nights, where dreams are spun,

I’ll find solace in a love that’s second to none.


In the garden of patience, where hope takes root,

I’ll nurture the blooms of a love absolute.


For one-sided love isn’t a solitary plight,

But a flame that flickers, undying in the night.


As the stars bear witness to this silent prose,

I’ll continue writing, where love gracefully flows.


In the symphony of emotions, where heartbeats rhyme,

I’ll compose our love in the poetry of time.


So, let the universe echo this enduring plea,

I’ll be the scribe of our love, eternally.



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In conclusion, one-sided love shayari transcends mere poetic expression; it encapsulates the human experience of unrequited love in all its complexities. From historical roots to modern online communities, its enduring significance lies in its ability to articulate the indescribable, forging connections and offering solace to those navigating the labyrinth of emotions.



Q 1 : Is one-sided love shayari only popular in specific cultures?

No, one-sided love shayari has a universal appeal, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with people worldwide.


Q 2 : How can one use one-sided love shayari as a form of self-expression?

Writing one-sided love shayari can be a therapeutic outlet, allowing individuals to express and process their emotions in a creative way.


Q 3 : Are there any famous examples of one-sided love shayari in literature?

Yes, poets like Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and contemporary writers have crafted timeless one-sided love shayari.


Q 4 : Is the romanticization of unrequited love in one-sided love shayari problematic?

This is a subject of debate. While some appreciate the emotional depth, others argue about the potential romanticization of pain.


Q 5 : How has social media changed the landscape of one-sided love shayari?

Social media has provided a platform for widespread sharing, connecting people globally and fostering communities around one-sided love shayari.



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