Heart Touching 42+ Good Night Shayari in English

Are you looking for “Good Night” then you have come to the right place. The following “Good Night Shayari in English For You, In the fast-paced world we live in, moments of tranquility and connection become invaluable. One such moment is bidding good night to our loved ones. However, a simple “good night” message can be elevated to a heartfelt expression of affection through the art of Shayari.


Good Night Shayari in English


Good Night Shayari in English


At night, when the moon and stars shine,
we always yearn for your memory,

you go away and leave us,

we yearn to meet you throughout the night.


Lips cannot express the love of the heart,

maybe we can talk through our eyes,

we wait for the night in this hope,

maybe we will meet in dreams only.


We got so lost in your love,

took one look and became only yours,

when we opened our eyes we realized that we had seen a dream,

we closed our eyes and got lost in the same dream.


It’s already late in the night,

go to sleep now,

get lost in the thoughts of those who are close to your heart,

someone must be waiting for you,

let us meet you now even if only in dreams.


There is nothing like ending in life,

like a new beginning the morning is waiting for you.


The only difference between your night and mine is this,

yours is spent sleeping and ours is spent awake.


Good Night Shayari in English

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Every moon will be yours,

if you make this world yours then see


May your night start well today,

may it rain beautiful dreams throughout the night,

may your eyes keep searching for them all the time,

may God meet you in their dreams.


A broken flower does not bloom again,

without luck nothing is ever achieved,

we meet many people on the way,

but not everyone is like you.


The work that starts today will be completed tomorrow


An angel comes secretly at night,

brings some happy dreams. An angel says,

get lost in the lap of dreams,

forget all the sorrows, sleep secretly.


When I remember you at night,

I see your picture in the stars,

my eyes search for that face in memory of whose morning comes.


It’s a lovely night, there’s a procession of stars,

the breeze is cool, the weather is also favourable,

it’s a lovely-lovely night, just say good night.


Don’t know how that person has this skill,

when it is night, it appears in my eyes,

where can I go to escape from his thoughts,

he is visible on every path of my thinking.


Salute to our sleeping eyes, respect to our sweet golden dreams,

may the feeling of love always remain alive in our hearts,

this is our message for tonight.


Congratulations, may you have a pleasant night,

God’s support even in your dreams,

when your eyes open, may lots of happiness be with you.


Good Night Shayari in English

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Every road wants a journey, every traveler wants a companion,

just like moonlight wants the moon, there is someone who loves you this much.


Had it not been night due to the miracle of nature,

had we not met him even in our dreams,

we would have fallen asleep with the hope that if not today then we would talk to him someday.


Moon and stars are all for you, sweet dreams are for you,

don’t forget us, so good night message for you.


The qualities are not so much that they can win someone’s heart,

but they will definitely leave behind some moments that will not be easy to forget.


We live far away but we pray from our heart,

we fulfill our duty of love sitting at home,

we always keep your memory with us, day or night we remember you only.


Why do you live in darkness, come into the light,

you belong to someone else right now, become mine.


We cannot be angry with our loved ones,

love relationships cannot be unfaithful,

even if you forget us and sleep, we cannot sleep without remembering you.


Good Night Shayari in English

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These stars want the night to come, we should write so that your reply comes,

I don’t have the shine of the stars,

but what should we do so that you remember us


Now get lost in the dreams of this sweet night,

the sun will send you in the morning to wake you up.


It’s night, the stars have come out in the sky,

the birds have all slept, what a beautiful view,

you too sleep in this fragrant night, see sweet dreams, lovely ones.


Her lovely smile blows our senses, her lovely eyes make us forget the world,

even today she will come in my dreams, friends,

just this hope makes us sleep every day.


Lips cannot express the love of the heart,

maybe we can talk through our eyes,

we wait for the night in this hope,

maybe we will meet in dreams only.


You are the one I miss the most, your friendship is the one thing that is dear to my heart,

if I sleep any night without remembering you,

I swear you come in my dreams and remind me of you.


Someone has well said that the nights seem long,

and the days seem short unless hard work is done diligently.


If there was no light in the stars, if the lonely heart was not helpless,

we would have definitely come to say good night to you,

if your home was not far away.


May this night pass in your dreams, may I sleep with prayers to keep you happy,

I feel like talking to you for the next morning,

I feel like being happy after seeing you.


Her sweet smile blows our senses, her eyes make us forget the world,

she will come in my dreams even today, friends,

just this hope makes us sleep every day


How quickly this evening came, I remembered saying good night,

we were sitting in the gathering of stars,

when I looked at the moon I remembered you.


The stars want the night to come, what should we write so that your answer comes,

I don’t have the shine like the stars, what should we do to remember us?


Smiling in loneliness is love, hiding one thing from everyone is love,

although we do not sleep the whole night,

but waking up while sleeping and sleeping while awake is love.


We remembered you even after being away from you,

we fulfilled every duty of relationships, don’t think that we have forgotten you,

today again before sleeping we remembered you.


Remember, when no one comes near me,

I will come with one voice, even if we are not special.


Look, the night has come again, I remembered saying good night,

we were sitting under the shelter of the stars, looked at the moon and remembered you.


There is sadness in the laughing hearts, smiling eyes are also moist,

we pray that your laughter never diminishes, because we are also crazy about your smile.


Not admitting your mistake on time is a big mistake…


We have made a palanquin from the moonlight,

we have decorated this palanquin with stars,



In a world filled with distractions and chaos, Good Night Shayari serves as a gentle reminder of the power of human connection and the beauty of language. Whether it’s a few heartfelt words exchanged before bedtime or a shared moment of laughter through humorous verses, Shayari has the ability to enrich our lives and deepen our relationships.

So, the next time you bid good night to your loved ones, consider adding a touch of poetry to your message. Let your words linger in their hearts as they drift off to sleep, knowing that they are cherished and loved.



Q1: What is the origin of Shayari?

Shayari traces its roots back to ancient Urdu poetry, where poets would express their deepest emotions through intricate verses.

Q2: How can I improve my Shayari writing skills?

Practice is key. Experiment with different styles and themes, and don’t be afraid to let your emotions flow onto the page.

Q3: Is it necessary to rhyme in Shayari?

While rhyming adds to the musicality of Shayari, it’s not a strict requirement. Focus on conveying your emotions authentically.

Q4: Can Good Night Shayari be written in languages other than English?

Absolutely! Shayari transcends language barriers, and you can express yourself in any language that resonates with you and your audience.

Q5: Are there any specific occasions for sharing Good Night Shayari?

Good Night Shayari can be shared on any evening to spread love and warmth. It’s a beautiful way to end the day on a positive note.


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