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Sad Shayari

Sad shayari a poetic expression of melancholy and emotions, has held a significant place in literary traditions for centuries. As a means of conveying profound feelings, this art form has transcended time and cultural boundaries, evolving to resonate with contemporary audiences. In this article, we delve into the world of sad shayari, exploring its origins, evolution, themes, and societal impact.


Sad Shayari



Sad Shayari



How do you know how ashamed I am of myself?
I left you and am still alive…


There is no goodness in us,

Even if one is proud, what can one feel as if he is proud?

We are just as good for them..!!😣


trust glass bottle

It’s like that, once it breaks

So can’t connect again..!!💝


I wish you needed me

Like me, and I ignore you

I will do it like you..!!


If she is happy leaving me

Why complain, now I make them happy

What kind of love if I don’t even see..!!😒


the habit has changed

Now I don’t have the courage to waste time.

I feel like sharing my pain..!!


to see the happiness of others

Still we have not seen our happiness,

People call us wrong..!!😪


If life lasts, I will remember only you

Will keep doing it, if you forget then understand

We are no longer alive..!!😰


Everyone believes in lies

This is what happens to those who tell the truth.

Everything has to be proved..!!😞


Sad Shayari

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One who is destined to face obstacles in life

Don’t talk to that unfortunate guy.


The punishment for crying is the punishment for not making one cry.

This pain is the punishment for fulfilling love,

When we laugh, tears come out of our eyes..!!😭


I liked your memories

The moisture in my eyes, even if I want to laugh

Missing you makes me cry..!!😥


Leave it my friend, what is there to hear and tell?

No one left any stone unturned in hurting the heart..!!💔


If you ever get free time, please tell me this.

What was that love that we had for you?

Couldn’t give..!!😪


Mother of the son whom you loved in childhood,

Didn’t let the same son’s toy break today

A girl went away after breaking her heart..!!


Sad Shayari


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No one is special to anyone

people remember only then

when he has no time to spare…


Those who wish to walk together,

They look for ways, not excuses..!!😞


Now I have only one request to God,

Do not give life again after death, if

Even if you give your life, don’t give up your heart..!!💔


I haven’t found anyone to whom I can forgive.

Everyone broke his heart, whom would he punish..!!💝



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To be alone and cry alone,

Makes a person very strong..!!🙍‍♂️


He fell in my heart,

We kept playing with our hearts, with our heads bowed,

Kept bearing all the tortures..!!😣


How can you look at love too?

It’s a strange story, I drank poison.

Meera, the world is crazy about Radha..!!😒


You didn’t feel the slightest pity,

You also hurt his heart.

Who loved you so much..!!💔


There was a time when conversations never ended,

Today everything ends,

But there is no talking..!!


someone more than my life

The reward of love, pain and tears

Nothing else is available..!!😭


It is a matter of attachment and feeling,

Otherwise even company people send messages..!!😞


You will not be able to pay the price of my tears,

If you can’t buy love then how can you buy pain..!!💔


I freed,

Every relationship, every person, who is only

He was with me for his own sake..!!😣


You and your promises,

Both of them turned out to be liars..!!


I haven’t erased your thoughts from my heart yet,

I have not forgotten you yet, you fool..!!💔


Sad Shayari

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I am back in my same solitary confinement again.

Someone had taken me away by luring me with his gatherings.


I am not sad about your infidelity.

But you are unfaithful, this pain is no less..!!😥


Some change today and some tomorrow,

Friend, trust is hard, one day everything changes..!!😒


Don’t embarrass me by asking about my condition, my love.

The situation is the same as created by Tatu..!!😣


Don’t need anyone’s false sympathy,

We are happy with our troubles..!!😰


The caravan of life has passed through a strange place,

Had gone to search for solace and lost sleep..!!😞


After a long time, today my heart,

I cried thinking this, what did I want to get like this?

Which I lost myself..!!💔


We weren’t wrong, we just couldn’t find the words.

So that I can prove myself right..!!😞


This world is here for beautiful faces,

Clean hearts are left behind..!!😪


There is a lot to say,

But now I don’t know why this heart

It feels good to live in silence..!!💔


If I had not met you,

How love happens remains a secret.

Only this feeling remains..!!💝


Tears have no color,

When they come there is no one with them..!!😭


Both time and our time,

If we get hurt together then humans

It breaks not only from outside but also from inside..!!


Some wounds in life are like this

who never fills up, just human

One learns the skill of hiding them..!!🙍‍♂️


We will go and someone else will come.

The stories will remain the same, just the characters.

It will change..!!


This love is very bad, friends.

breaks even those who never

Don’t be broken..!!😥


Never thought,

You will end your relationship with us so soon

When we met, it was as if we would be together for centuries..!!💔


Some pain in life is like this,

Who both took life and left him alive..!!😰


They should not even cry after being separated from us.

There is someone who sympathizes with them, who doesn’t let them cry..!!😭


Love is very important in life, but

May God not give this deadly need to anyone..!!💔


No matter how much you do for someone,

This is what you hear later

What have you done for me..!!😪


Like tears of happiness,

Anyway, there is laughter even in sorrow..!!😣


His mind was filled with me,

And she is telling me that you have changed..!!😥


The day I fell in love with her,

It would have been better if death had come that day..!!


Don’t worry my love that day

I will leave this world,

Everything will be fine that day..!!😭💔


Oh heart, don’t love someone so much,

How can people love who don’t talk?!!😞


I was tired of proving myself.

It’s good that you misunderstood us..!!😒


Every person is a water king inside.

Some to get something, some to forget..!!


Everyone has one place to go,

Then why should I be proud of my life?!!🙍‍♂️


O life, take the torture, no matter how much torture it is.

Which world do I want to come back to?!!😣


What are you punishing for?

Loved for this reason or did it too much

That’s why..!!😪


A boy hanged himself from a tree in the village.

I heard that a wedding procession had come from the city..!!😭


Sad Shayari

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I admit that we were wrong in falling in love with you.

But will you also cry someday in search of such loyalty?


Those who go never come back,

I just miss those who are leaving..!!


Some change today and some tomorrow,

Trust me friend, one day everything changes..!!


These are the only two issues that stuck with me throughout my life.

Neither sleep was complete nor dreams were fulfilled..!!😞


I also knew that people change,

But I did not count you among those people..!!😥


Remember me thinking this one day,

Why didn’t I appreciate his love..!!💔


My heart is in pain today,

And it hurts the heart..!!😒


His time got distributed all over the world,

We got only excuses..!!😥


If your luck is bad,

Even the stones lying on the road hurt deeply..!!😣


What a strange thing, isn’t it?

that some people break hearts

Even after this, it remains in the heart..!!💔


Slowly everything changes,

people and relationships and sometimes

We ourselves too..!!😥


If you are happy staying away from us,

God forbid we never meet..!!😞


Some fate was lost, some dreams were stolen,

Some strangers ruined some and forgot some



Time tells you that,

What were the people and what did you think..!!


I am neither far from death nor close to life.

I am breathing but I am a living corpse..!!😒


I had to keep my promise to life anyway.

I wanted to cry openly but had to smile..!!😭


Love made us cry by giving pain, for which we used to die,

It was he who made us forget, we would have lived in his memories only,

but he mixed poison in our memories..!!😣





In conclusion, the enduring appeal of sad shayari lies in its ability to articulate the complex tapestry of human emotions. From historical roots to contemporary trends, this poetic form continues to evolve, connecting individuals and communities through shared experiences of sorrow and introspection.




Q 1 : Is sad shayari only about heartbreak?

No, while heartbreak is a common theme, sad shayari encompasses a wide range of emotions and experiences.


Q 2 : How can I start writing my own sad shayari?

Begin by exploring your own emotions and experiences, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your writing.


Q 3 : Are there any famous contemporary poets in the sad shayari genre?

Yes, several poets continue to contribute to the genre, bridging traditional and modern expressions.


Q 4 : Can sad shayari be therapeutic for mental health?

Yes, many individuals find solace and catharsis in expressing their emotions through sad shayari.


Q 5 : Is there a global community for sad shayari enthusiasts?

Absolutely, social media platforms have facilitated the creation of a global community where enthusiasts share and appreciate sad shayari.




40+ Sad Shayari😭 Life 2 Line

171+ Sad Shayari in English