70+ Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy

Are you looking for “Sad Shayari” then you have come to the right place. The following “Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy” For You.  Life is a symphony, often marked by melodious highs and heart-wrenching lows. In the grand orchestra of human experiences, sad shayari emerges as a poignant and soul-stirring expression of life’s complexities.


Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy


Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy



True love is probably not in my destiny..!!


Life has become like a station,

Where there are many people,

But no one of our own..


Don’t worry, love is not for you,

You don’t have medicine for the pain that I have..!!


It would have been better if you had not understood.

The entanglements have increased since we became sensible..!!


Not that day, not that night

Those feelings are not like before,

The thing that is about to happen still happens

But that is not the point in these things…


Don’t talk to those who have rights over someone else.

Who knows if someone has any objection to your talking..!!


I have become disgusted with this life,

Now just waiting for the last day.


Let me be who I am, let me flow like the wind,

I am a lonely traveler, please let me remain alone.


It is not necessary to express everything on your face,

Even the eyes hide some secrets..!!


Those who gain a lot lose a lot,

In this world the people who laugh cry the most..!!


Made me lonely again,

I swore as if you were only mine..!!


Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy

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Till tomorrow I miss me, today they miss my absence.

Because now I like loneliness very much.


I have only one thought for you,

Otherwise who sits alone and drinks tea?


Holding grudges against those who don’t mind you being silent,

Don’t keep it from those who don’t even care about your crying..!!


There is no sorrow of distance if there is no distance in the heart,

Closeness is useless if there is no place in the heart..!!


After getting separated from you, I learned only this much,

You were the only one in my heart and mind, I did not recognize anyone else..!!


She cries alone even today, sorrowful,

Then how can I say that she sleeps peacefully..!!


The fallen leaves have taught me,

If you become a burden, you will make yourself fall too.


Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy

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Love is never false,

Liars are just oaths and promises..!!


What difference does it make whether someone is with me or not?

Because now life has to be lived alone.


He turns his heart into stone and cries for her not loving him,

It really hurts a lot when this heart loses its loved ones..!!


Whenever you break, break alone.

Damn this world is expert in watching spectacle.


The greater the love,

That much love also makes one cry..!!


Ate cold bread again today.

Mom, today again I missed you a lot..!!


The love that is true,

Nor does it happen only once in a lifetime..!!


Don’t know to what point life has reached,

One has to cry in loneliness and laugh in a gathering..!!


I am very happy with my loneliness,

Because my loneliness is better than those gatherings,

Where everyone is not yours even though they are yours.


Even though I am alone, I am not alone.

Your memories have given me some support..!!


I wish I had someone who would say don’t cry,

Your crying hurts me too.


Profit is the most fallen thing,

People keep raising it..!!


Don’t be too attached to me, my enemies say,

My age is short, the fear is not of death but of your loneliness..!!


Circumstances teach us to listen and tolerate,

Otherwise every person is a king by nature..!!


I can no longer bear the burden of sorrow alone…

If we had met her somewhere, we would have hugged her and cried…


We are wandering alone in this world, unaware,

After fulfilling everyone’s wishes, we were left alone..!!


He said you are different from everyone else,

Told the truth and made me different from everyone else..!!


I never thought that she would leave me alone.

Who often used to say when she was upset, ‘It’s me, isn’t it..!!’


Look life, stop making us cry.

If we get angry then we will leave you..!!


Sometimes for the sake of meaning and sometimes just for fun,

Everyone is searching for love for their life here..!!


Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy

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Here everyone does not find loyalty in love,

Some sleep the whole night and some cry the whole night..!!


Now I am learning to spend some moments alone,

The skill of always being there for everyone,

Now it is becoming expensive.


feels very strange,

someone’s despite everyone’s

Not being together..!


Someday he too will realize this,

That I wanted her to leave the whole world..!!


Whenever I think of peace,

So all I think about is your arms..!!


Sad Shayari😭 Life Boy

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With my silence,

Have bought peace many times.


I wish he came back to tell me this,

Who are you to stay away from me..!!


Those people cry who follow love wholeheartedly,

Those who cheat often sleep peacefully after breaking their hearts..!!


lonely night speaks volumes

But only he can listen,

Who is also alone.


Boys who are true at heart,

He is always alone…!


I have only this connection with that person,

That if she is upset then I can’t sleep..!!


If you ask, I will forget myself.

I don’t have the power to forget you..!!


This world’s fair is very strange.

Our heart is alone even in such a crowd..!!


Even if you are alone in life,

Keep moving your steps forward..!!


Today again your friend came,

When the bean season rains came.


It was true that someone said, learn to live in loneliness.

No matter how true love is, it always leaves you..!!


Wanting to do something, I went through many places,

We were seen alone wherever we passed..!!


It was better than dying for you,

We would have died in an accident.


If you were unfaithful, you would be in the crowd.

Because they are loyal, they are alone.


You used to ask me why are you so sad?

Left me alone today..!!


Man becomes lonely for only one reason,

When his own people start misunderstanding him..!!


Life also makes them cry,

who has someone to wipe away tears

No one was there!!


How eagerly have you given up talking?

As if we were a burden on you for centuries.


Today I asked the shadow why do you come with me?

He also laughed and said, who else is with you..!!


There has been a lot of crowd in people’s hearts,

That’s why these days we live alone..!!


Now I will not hurt anyone,

Now we will not claim rights on anyone,

Now by remaining silent like this,

They will live this moment.


I have learned to live alone,

Now add the pickle of your time.


I have changed myself so much that it doesn’t matter.

Now whether anyone talks or not.


The world is still crazy about me and we are one,

That we sit alone waiting for them..!!


There has been sadness for a long time,

Now I am left alone.


He is living his life without me,

Happy life to him.


Don’t be troubled by loneliness,

This is a sign of walking on the right path.


You are leaving me alone,

So first tell the reason for this..!!


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In the poetic realm of sad shayari, we traverse the intricate landscapes of human emotions. It serves not only as a form of artistic expression but as a lifeline for those navigating the tumultuous seas of life.

As we delve into the depths of sorrow through the verses, let us not forget that within the melancholy, there is resilience, and within the tears, there is strength.


  1. Is sad shayari only for expressing sadness?
    • While sad shayari is often associated with expressing sorrow, it can also convey a range of emotions, including love, longing, and hope.


  1. How can I start writing my own sad shayari?
    • Begin by reflecting on your emotions and experiences. Let your feelings guide your words, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in your expression.


  1. Are there specific rules for crafting shayari?
    • Shayari is an art form that allows for creativity and personal expression. There are no strict rules; it’s about conveying emotions in a poetic manner.


  1. Can sharing sad shayari strengthen relationships?
    • Yes, sharing emotional expressions through sad shayari can deepen connections by fostering empathy and understanding between individuals.


  1. Where can I find more examples of sad shayari?
    • Explore poetry collections, online platforms, and social media where poets share their work. Additionally, consider attending poetry events and gatherings.




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